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Help Revive Raw Dairy @ Lazy Dog Farms!

Posted 7/25/2016 6:29am by Bruce Scarberry.


We Need Your Help!

In the fall of 2011 we purchased our land with the goal of providing a place for our family to spend time together away from our hectic lives in the city.  Quickly our family looked for every opportunity to be on our land and soon Lazy Dog Farms was started as a means to enjoy our family and land as well as provide nourishing real food.  Lazy Dog Farms is a small family operated farm. Our farm currently produces premium quality meats, raw Jersey dairy, certified organic produce, and seasonal treats.   

In the autumn of 2014 we were offered the generous opportunity to add raw dairy to our small family farm.  Many long nights were spent contemplating if we could take on such an endeavor.  We heard from numerous mothers who needed the raw cream for baby formula, from individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions whom were only relieved by raw milk and individuals wanting to protect free access to unadulterated foods.  Ultimately it was the community input that weighed heavy on our decision to proceed with adding raw dairy to our farm, instead of it being lost.  

During the quick exchange of ownership of the dairy, with limited resources, we converted a portion of our equipment shed into a usable milking parlor. While this solution is functional for milking, many changes are needed to make it into an efficiently functioning dairy which will provide multiple safety and quality improvements. These improvements would include added capacity for milking; provide safe and secure areas for people and cows alike, as well as a designated area for the controlled breeding of cows and other veterinary needs.

Over the last few months we have had a steady decrease in milk production and availability for our customers.  The initial drop in production was due to the breeding cycles of the cows getting off schedule.  While our breeding issues caused a temporary decrease in milk supply, soon to freshen cows were on the horizon.   Along with our community of understanding customers we anxiously awaited the arrival of new calves.

During the last month our anticipation of a nearing resolution was destroyed with multiple attacks and predation on our gentle Jerseys. The cows and calves are kept on pasture throughout the farm at all times other than milking.

 While working on farm one afternoon our Great Pyrenees dog 'Hank' sounded the first alarm that something was wrong.  The other farm dogs joined in and what was found in a low field was a new mama cow attacked by an unknown predators.  The calf was lost and the mama severely injured.  In surveillance of the herd another new mama was found in a creek.  Brutally attacked, her and her baby did not survive.  Several nights had passed with no further attacks.  While at market, we arrived home to find a dead yearling cow that had been attacked in the same manner as the previous cows and calves.   

We are working with local wildlife and animal control to remedy the predator issues facing the cows.  A donkey has been added to the herd to assist in protection, as well as an increase in rounding to monitor farm animals.   As of today three cows and two newborn calves were lost amd two others injured, further setting back our recovery from low milk production.  We are striving to hold out for cows to freshen. 

We have overcome hardships as every small farm does; though Lazy Dog Farms Raw Dairy is now in serious need of your help.

The money that you generously donate will revive Lazy Dog Farms Dairy.  Initial funds will be used to purchase critically needed newly freshened cows to add to the milking herd as well as more sentry and guardian animals.  This will allow us to protect and increase our raw milk production allowing us to once again provide critically needed raw milk.  

Following this desperately needed influx of milking cows, your donations will go to creating a safer dairy.  This will include a complete redesign and building of our dairy.    We will provide the labor to build the new building, your monies will be used to purchase required building materials including concrete, lumber, electrical, plumbing and any other required materials.

This seems insurmountable at times to us, but we are not quick to give up on what we believe and stand for.  We believe in small family farms and the unequivocal access to unadulterated real food.

It is not important how much each person is able to give, saving a raw dairy and small family farm IS important.  We are earnestly asking you to help spread the word of or farm and situation out to those who may be able and willing to help revive our dairy.

Thank you in advance for spreading the word!

Help Revive Raw Dairy @ Lazy Dog Farms 



Revive Raw Dairy @ Lazy Dog Farms
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