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Lazy Dog Farms is a small family owned and operated farm located in the gentle rolling hills of McNairy County, Tennessee.  The 138 acre certified organic farm is a mix of produce fields, pastures, woods and several streams.

Certified Organic Produce grows in the low lying flats, while Certified Organic chickens freely roam the pastures. Heritage Berkshire hogs root amongst the trees in the many acres of woods.

In the summer of 2011 Lazy Dog Farms began as a vision of a sustainable, organic farm. Since the acquisition of the farm it has been our family's goal to work in harmony with the land.  

With the support of family, friends and community Lazy Dog Farms has put down solid roots and continues to grow in diversification with each passing season.


Moonrise over Lazy Dog Farms Greenhouse

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First East Delivery starts Tuesday Feb. 3rd!

Posted by Bruce Scarberry :: Wednesday, January 28 :: 8:46pm



It has been a crazy last  48 hours! When not chasing pigs, hanging with the cows and chickens and getting the plantings in order we were able, with the help of many of our new customers to put a East Delivery Route together!

There are a lot of things still needing to be defined, but not knowing the are, we need your assistance in locating the best stop.  All of our stops must be in a public, preferably semi-busy area, such as a parking lot of a shopping center.  I am trying to stay within a minute or so of the interstate or main road I will travel between stops.

Please give me any and all suggestions for theses stops.  I can just look at a Google Map and try to figure it out, but would prefer local opinions.

The way we do our delivery routes is that I am only at each spot for approximately 15 minutes.  Not knowing the exact travel time for the routes I will take, I have put my best guess off of what I found on the internet.  For the first few deliveries, please be patient, we will adjust the scheduled times as needed.  If possible be at the stops early, I can not wait past the allotted time as the day is already about 12 hours from door to door.

We only stop at the delivery points we have an order for.  Orders must be placed to ensure adequate supplies.  There may at times be extra items available for purchase.

Ordering is accomplished through our website at and orders must be revived by the night before the delivery.


Delivery Towns in order of stops- Times are best guess and Location TBD with your help

Savannah, Waynesborogh, Lawerenceburg, Pulaski will be worked out if there is interest.

Columbia ~730

Spring Hill ~ 8 Kroger 4900 Port Royal Road Spring Hill, TN

Franklin ~ 9. Whole Foods. McEwen

Seiver Park / 12S ~ 945 Parking lot by playground

Murfreesburogh ~ 1040

Mt Juilet 1140 Publix 665 South Mount Juliet Road

Donelson ~ 1245. K-Mart 530 Donelson Pike

East Nashville 115. Parking lot next to East Nashville Family Medicine 830 Woodland

Goodlettesville ~ 200  K-Mart 230 Longhollow

West Nashville ~245 Exit 199 Sams Club 

Dickson ~345 Pilot Travel Center 2320 Highway 46 South Dickson,

Points west including Jackson will be worked out upon interest.

Our Dairy is a Herd Share and each customer purchasing dairy must complete a herd share agreement and pay the $10 fee

Please provide suggestions on stop locations.

Orders may now be placed at

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us at








Cows, Cows, and Cows, OH MY!

Posted by Bruce Scarberry :: Tuesday, September 30 :: 7:50pm


When we set out on our adventure in agriculture one of the few things we both agreed on is that we did not want to be a dairy farm.  As with so many things in life, thoughts and ambitions change with time.  So guess what?!?!?

Were adding dairy to our farm!

This endeavor started just as so many others have on the farm, with an innocent statement "What do you think about trying (fill in the blank)".  Well for your information this is not an innocent question but more like a loaded statement.

So there it begins.....

We started out on a trial run with another local farm who are dear friends of ours to see the viability of selling Animal Quality dairy along with our other offerings to our loyal customers.  This trial was going well with decent results for the four week trial.  

This is where things get interesting, if you need to refill your drink I suggest you do so now!

Just after our third weekend of trialing the dairy product, we received information on an opportunity to expand the dairy operation into a significant part of the farm.

No undertaking such as this done without considerable contemplation on the realizing the benefits and understanding the risks.  In the end the decision was based on the peoples passion and need for these products.

We are extremely thankful for the opportunity given us by Walt and Jan to continue the work they have done with fueling the local food movement.  

While we have a learning curve we are partnering with and supported by knowledgeable experts and passionate customers that will be pivotal to our success.

We expect a full transition of the dairy operation in Mid-October, with the final date to be determined in the coming days.  Following the transition we will begin distributing the Pet Quality Milk on a Weekly Thursday delivery route and at our Saturday market. We will also be available for on farm sales with proper notice.

While we will have the milk initially, the yogurts and other products will follow shortly. 

So you may be wondering how you can help with this undertaking?

First and foremost you can be a loyal customer and supporter of our farm and our new venture.

Secondly, in the coming weeks we will be releasing a fundraising campaign to generate funds for building a permanent dairy on our farm.  Your donations and support of this campaign are an absolute necessity for success.

We understand that not everyone is able to donate to the fundraising, but we do ask that if you are able to share it with your social media networks and other networks, please do so. 

With your help we will build a functional dairy built on a foundation of quality and safety.


and that's nothing to stick your tongue out too!

Golf Balls and Chilis!

Posted by Bruce Scarberry :: Monday, February 24 :: 7:13pm

It has been an eventful and busy last few weeks.  We have the roof as well as most of the walls on the shed.  While it is 53'x 32' it is already getting full.  We have received many of our inputs for this growing season which is helping to occupy some of the space.  It is nice to start finding a home for things.

The greenhouse is beginning to fill up with all of our starts for the year.  To help regulate the temperature we have basically put a greenhouse inside our greenhouse by using left over poly from both our greenhouse and high tunnel.  On cold nights we add extra heat under the bottom layer to ensure the idea temperature for germination is maintained.

The high tunnel has been cleaned prepped and seeded for early spring produce.  We are still amazed at how effective both the greenhouse, but especially the high tunnel heat up and retain their heat.

This week as long as the rain hold off we are going to start preparing beds for planting potato and various other spring crops.

The pigs have been rocking out in their woods.  They are growing well.  We look at their weight on a weekly basis to ensure we get them bred as soon as possible.

Oh the chickens!  They have been toying with my emotions lately.  Not only are they being stubborn and not laying eggs in their nest boxes they decided to take a break from laying all together.  While chickens generally slow down in the winter, they usually increase production as the day length increases.  We decided our chickens need some help so there are now golf balls located in the next boxes to help the chickens learn where to lay.

Now comes the chilis!  We had a few pounds of dried chilis from our production last year.  It was decided that these would help our chickens remember that they need to lay eggs.  So far it seems to have worked. We are experiencing a three fold increase in eggs!


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